Nena and Pasadena shirts labelled “sexist”

Panorama is following up a story about “sexist” Nena and Pasadena shirts (pictured above).  AFL footballer, Lance ‘Buddy Franklin, is one of the designers and models for Nena and Pasadena. 

Last week Panorama reporter, Diana Labiris, spoke with the co-founder of grassroots organisation Collective Shout and ABC journalist, Melinda Tankard Reist, about the AFL ignoring complaints and how the shirts contradict the AFL’s Respect and Responsibility Policy. Ms Tankard Reist described the shirts as “sexualised pornographic images” which “undermine respect for women”.

“What we’ve had from the Club is they’ve ignored us while Nena and Pasadena have made fun of our protest … they don’t think they’ve done anything wrong, which shows how normal it is to use images of women like this on shirts,” Ms Tankard Reist told Panorama.  “AFL players are recognisable public figures and they have a huge influence on young men … in their developing attitudes toward women.” 

I investigated a complaint  made to Nena and Pasadena by 26-year-old Caitlin Roper, and spoke with Executive Director of Women’s Health Victoria, Rita Butera, to find out the impact such images can have on women’s self esteem and young peoples perceptions of women.

What do you think of these shirts – are they offensive? Or should Australian’s be able to wear whatever they like? You can leave a comment below.

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