SBS Series: Stories from Southern Africa’s drought emergency

SBS Australia, January 2020
This is a series of stories covering southern Africa’s drought emergency. The four stories were originally produced for World Vision Australia and published on SBS Australia’s website.

Ebola outbreak flagged as international health emergency by WHO

DW News, July 2019
LIVE INTERVIEW: According to a new report on ebola published by the World Health Organization (WHO), a woman who died of the disease in the Democratic Republic of Congo may have carried ebola into Rwanda.

Ebola death toll reaches 2000

7 News, September 2019
INTERVIEW: Melbourne aid worker Brianna Piazza has just returned from the Ebola epicentre as the death toll reaches a grim tally.

Rohingya Refugee Crisis: Minara’s story

World Vision Australia, June 2018
Minara fled Myanmar after her 13-year-old son was shot during the mass violence against Rohingya muslims. After a treacherous journey, she has been living in the world’s most over-crowded refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar for six months.

Racegoer in critical condition after fall

Seven News, August 2017
Police are investigating how a Cairns woman fell two metres down a drain and sustained critical head injuries, while walking home from the races.

Cooktown murder mystery

Seven News, August 2017
Police have released images of the car driven by Cooktown murder victim Donna Louise Steele on the day she disappeared.

Migaloo spotted off Cairns

Seven News, August 2017
Migaloo, the famous white whale, has finally been sighted off the Cairns coast for the first time this year.

Premier unveils plans for Cairns dredging project

Seven News, July 2017
One million cubic metres of dredge spoil will be dumped on land at Portsmith and the Barron Delta, as part of the $120 million Cairns Shipping Development Project.

Coast Guard lockout

Seven News, July 2017
A bitter dispute has erupted at the Port Douglas Coast Guard, with members locked out of their base.

Cairns Health workers owe at least $1m

Seven News, July 2017
Cairns Health workers still owe more than $1 million to the State Government since a payroll stuff-up seven years ago.

Truck crash closes the Kuranda Range for 10 hours

Seven News, June 2017
Four people have been injured in crashes today on highways connecting Cairns to the Tablelands.

Man dies in dirt bike crash

Seven News, June 2017
The Cairns community is mourning the loss of a 21-year-old man who died in a freak dirt bike crash.

Recognising Ravenshoe’s heroes

Seven News, June 2017
Survivors have marked two year anniversary of the Ravenshoe cafe blast tragedy by reflecting on the bravery of emergency responders.

Hospital escapees

Seven News, June 2017
There are calls for an investigation into security concerns at Cairns Hospital, with revelations patients charged with criminal offences have escaped from the mental health ward.

Mass dieback

Seven News, June 2017
Mangrove researchers are worried after discovering cyclone damage and possible oil spills along the Cape York coastline.

Murray Street murder charges dropped

Seven News, May 2017
The woman charged with killing eight children in the horrific Murray Street tragedy more than two years ago won’t face a criminal trial.

Shark attack survivor’s determination to dive again

Seven News, May 2017
A Cairns man, who lost his leg in a horror shark attack while spearfishing, has opened up about his long road to recovery.

7 News Investigation: Stolen Firearms

Seven News, April 2017
The number of guns falling into the hands of criminals is rising.

Sky’s the limit for Bellenden Ker

Seven News, March 2017
Babinda residents are campaigning to create a tourist attraction on top of Queensland’s second highest mountain.

Cairns residents swelter through heatwave

Seven News, March 2017
Heavy floods associated with ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie may have missed Cairns, but the city is instead suffering through some of the hottest temperatures of the year.

Residents urged to get ready for cyclone

Seven News, March 2017
Authorities are warning Far North residents to prepare their homes for a cyclone event.

Croc zoning outrage

Seven News, March 2017
The backlash over Queensland Government’s revised croc management plan continues, with local leaders saying they’ll fight the changes. Crocodiles won’t be culled under the plan and popular swimming areas have been left off the zoning map.

Breastfeeding protest

Seven News, March 2017
A Port Douglas woman speaks out after a Kmart employee asked her to cover up or leave the store because she was breastfeeding.

Solar farm project begins at Kidston

Seven News, February 2017
Sod turning marks the start of construction on a solar farm in the former gold mining town of Kidston.

Cold Case: Woman charged over baby death

Seven News, January 2017
Cold case breakthrough: A 43-year-old woman has been charged with the death of a baby boy two decades ago in Cairns.

Gas explosion leaves man in induced coma

Seven News, January 2017
A man, who police suspect deliberately lit a gas explosion inside his mother’s home, is in hospital in an induced coma

Man survives his second shark attack

Seven News, January 2017
A 55-year-old diver who miraculously survived a shark attack in the Torres Strait shares his ordeal.

Flooding hits the Far North

Seven News, January 2017
Hundreds of millimetres of rain fell across the Far North over the past couple of days. Innisfail and Tully were among the hardest hit.

Calls for One Nation candidate to resign over controversial blog post

Seven News, January 2017
One Nation candidate for Mulgrave, Peter Rogers, has come under fire for a blog post on his website that claimed the Port Arthur massacre as a hoax.

Inspiring others after skydiving crash

Seven News, January 2017
Cairns man Jonas Lutke became a partial quadriplegic after a tragic skydiving accident, but he won’t let his injuries stop him from living life.

Angels of the Sky

Seven News, January 2017
Cairns-based pilot Hew Mills is one of Angel Flight’s ‘sky angels’. He transports sick rural patients to hospitals across the country for free.

Driver sentenced over crash which killed his mate

Seven News, November 2016
A Cairns man has been jailed for eight years over a crash which killed his close mate.

No time for Racism

Seven News, October 2016
A Cairns business is taking a stand against racism, after a customer refused to be served by a staff member because of the colour of her skin.

Language lost with passing of Indigenous elder

WIN News, August 2016
Mourners are honouring one of Cape York’s great elders, Tommy George Senior, who was the last fluent speaker of Awu Laya. About 50,000 years of oral history dies with him.

Rwandan genocide survivors reunited in Cairns

WIN News, June 2016
A survivor of the Rwandan genocide shares his amazing journey about how he was reunited with his birth mum by complete coincidence several years after the two were separated during the 1994 war.

Prime Minister’s election sweeteners for Cairns

WIN News, June 2016
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has visited the Far North for a second time in as many months, as the LNP leader tries to impress voters ahead of next month’s federal election.

Ravenshoe marks one year anniversary of cafe blast

WIN News, June 2016
The Ravenshoe community has marked the one year anniversary of the devastating cafe explosion, which killed two people and injured 20 more

Cairns man jailed for stealing $250,000

WIN News, May 2016
A former manager of a Cairns tyre company has been sentenced to 2½ years in jail for stealing almost $250,000 from his employers.

Thunderstorm causes landslide near Myrtleford

WIN News, December 2015
Home and business owners are devastated after a landslide caused 40,000 tonnes of rock and mud to fall onto the Great Alpine Road.

Medicinal cannabis hope for schoolgirl with epilepsy

WIN News, October 30, 2015
An Albury mother whose daughter suffers from more than a dozen epileptic seizures a day, has spoken of her hope that medicinal cannabis can ease her pain.

Bowe Maddigan appears in court

WIN News, October 29, 2015
A Mildura man faced court today, charged with the rape and murder of Wangaratta schoolgirl, Zoe Buttigieg.

Man dead, another with critical injuries after Hume Freeway crash

WIN News, October 22, 2015
A motorist has been killed, while another has been left fighting for his life in hospital, after a crash near Springhurst overnight.

Corowa toddler lives with rare condition, Heterotaxy

WIN News, October 5, 2015
The mother of a Corowa toddler with a rare condition is raising funds to help other affected families.

Burrumbuttock storm aftermath

WIN News, July 13, 2015
The weekend’s wild weather has caused cars to slide off icy roads across North East Victoria. Across the border, storms damaged properties and blocked roads, with the clean up for some families expected to take months.

Silvers Circus arrives on the Border

WIN News, July 8, 2015

One of Australia’s most famous circuses has rolled into Wodonga, for the first time in a decade.

South America – Peru, Argentina & Brazil

A video I made during my trip to Peru, Argentina & Brazil in 2014. An incredible experience!

The Great Warrandyte Cook-up: Warrandyte Cafe

Warrandyte Diary, September 2014
Warrandyte Cafe owner, Tammy Cromwell, talks to the Diary about her four-legged customers.

The Great Warrandyte Cook-up: Cocoa Moon

Warrandyte Diary, August 2014
Andres from Cocoa Moon cafe explains some of the subtle differences between high quality and commercial chocolate.

Quinoa in Peru increasingly only for the wealthy

Quinoa was once a staple food for ancient civilizations in the Andes and other parts of South America. Today the highly nutritious plant is a popular choice around the world, including in Australia.

However, growing international demand has led to the price of quinoa in Peru nearly doubling in the last year.

Thank You campaign

One Girl, December 2013

Did you know that more than 60 million girls around the world don’t attend school and that more than half of the world’s girls are illiterate?

Running raw around Australia for charity

Our World Today, August 9, 2012 

Age is no barrier to one over 60s raw vegan couple who plan to run a marathon a day for a whole year.

Within our grasp

Our World Today, April 12, 2012
Would you believe it if someone told you that within a decade Australia could be powered by 100 per cent renewable energy?

Adopt an Orangutan today

Borneo Orangutan Survival Australia website, October 2011
A promotional video I put together for BOS Australia. This is a very worthy cause and you can help by simply adopting an orangutan today!

Life and death after the racetrack

University video journalism current affairs assignment, October 2011
Two-thirds of the horses bred for Victoria’s racing industry are retired from racing before their career even begins. But what happens to those horses that are deemed unsuitable for a racing career?

Jumps horse death sparks calls for immediate ban

University video journalism assignment, September 2011
The beginning of the Grand National Steeplechase was off to a bad start with yet another horse killed during a jumps race, bringing the total number of jumps horse deaths this year to 10. The fall and death of six-year-old Fergus McIver sparked outrage among protestors who were rallying outside the racecourse to ban the controversial sport.

Young people and volunteering

SYN Media
Volunteers at SYN Media put together four short films for the Youth Affairs Council of Victoria about young people and volunteering.

Getting fit for charity with zumba

University online journalism assignment
Local Zumba instructors are inspiring locals to keep fit while raising thousands for New Zealand and Japan natural disaster victims.

Warrandyte at risk of bushfires

University video assignment, September 2010
A change in wind direction was the only thing that stopped the north-eastern suburb of Warrandyte from the Black Saturday fires. Now residents fear current bushfire emergency plans and limited escape routes will compromise their safety this upcoming summer…