Victorian Animal Cruelty Laws Too Soft

Heartbreaking: Elf the Shetland pony in recovery after two Queenslanders avoided jail sentences for dragging the pony behind their car last Christmas. Source: Brisbane Times

The maximum penalty for cruel crimes against animals in Queensland will triple, Queensland Premier, Anna Bligh, announced recently.

Animal Rights activists have praised this move.  Meanwhile, many say Victorian animal cruelty laws do not go far enough in deterring violent behaviour towards animals.

The maximum penalty for animal cruelty in Victoria is two years imprisonment, and/or a $24, 000 fine.

I spoke with Director of Australian Teens Against Animal Cruelty (ATAAC), Elizabeth Anile, and Victorian Greens MP, Sue Pennicuik, about why animal cruelty laws need to be tougher.

Sickening attack: Eight-week-old puppy, Buckley, was found abandoned in Melbourne with his ears and tail cut off last year. The border collie cross Staffordshire bull terrior is now in a loving home, but is still traumatised. Source: SkyNews

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Brianna Piazza

Journalist and travel writer.

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