Ballarat once again debates public holiday date

Placement script at WIN TV News, Ballarat

February 21, 2013


Another year and another debate about Ballarat’s public holiday.


The city’s voters have been asked to choose between Melbourne Cup, Ballarat Show or Eureka Day.


Ballarat City Council will hear submissions for the public holiday date at a Town Hall meeting this evening.



Close up of people dropping off their votes.

VO: More than 2,300 people have cast their votes to decide when Ballarat should have its public holiday.
Mid shot of three people talking at a Show Day stall. Opinion is divided three (3) ways as different groups advocate for the date they say is better for business.
Long shot of Ballarat Show Day activities. Those favouring Ballarat Show Day on November 8 say the 147-year-old event needs the public holiday status to be financially sustainable.
TAKE GRAB, 5 seconds:

NAME: Gerard Ballinger

CAPTION: Ballarat Agricultural and Pastoral Society director

“If we don’t get the public holiday again it will seriously jeopardise the future of the show.”
Close up of Paul Johnson talking with journalist. However, Commerce Ballarat says Show Day, which begins on a Friday, will disadvantage local business owners.
Long shot of busy restaurant.

Change to close up of clients paying bill.

The group says Friday is one of the busiest days for hospitality and retail, and the public holiday would leave owners facing penalty rates and less staff.
TAKE GRAB, 5 seconds:

NAME: Paul Johnson

CAPTION: Commerce Ballarat Board member

“It should be aligned with other public holidays and we’re simply not seeing that in Ballarat.”
  Their 2011 survey shows 67 (sixty-seven) percent of the region’s businesses don’t support a public holiday on Friday.
Low angle shot of Ballarat Trade and Labour Council building, with sign. Meanwhile the Ballarat Trade and Labour Council is encouraging people to choose a local event and decide between Eureka or Show Day.
TAKE GRAB, 8 seconds:

NAME: Brett Edgington

CAPTION: Ballarat Trade and Labour Council president


“Melbourne Cup, with a Tuesday holiday in the middle of the week, leaves Ballarat families with nothing to do and really directs traffic to Melbourne.”
Mid shot of councillors entering Council building. The council will consider the community’s views at a general meeting early next month.
Long shot of people walking down street. Voting closes next Thursday.
Close up of survey. To complete the survey log onto
Close up of Eureka Day celebrations. Brianna Piazza, WIN News.

 Total running time: 1 minute 30 seconds

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