Pedalling the right message

Published in the Warrnambool Extra, March 6, 2013

CYCLISTS and pedestrians using the promenade should be alert and mindful of others.

That’s the message the Share the Space Campaign is sending to cyclists and pedestrians who use the popular walkway.

“It’s just a friendly reminder for cyclists to slow down, use their bells and voices to warn others that they are coming,” council transport safety officer Nicole Wood said.

She said seniors, children and mothers with prams used the 5.6-kilometre path that weaved its way from the Pavilion Cafe and Bar to the Hopkins River lookout point.

Ms Wood decided to launch the campaign after she received a phone call from a concerned local who frequently used the path.

She said that while the majority of cyclists did the right thing, there was a small number who went too fast around corners and didn’t warn others when they approached.

“We’re so lucky in the sense that there hasn’t yet been a terrible accident but we are trying to be proactive and prevent the situation.”

Ms Wood is organising advertising and posters to go up on the path for the ongoing campaign.

She also asked parents to educate and encourage their children to stick to the left and be aware of pedestrians while riding.

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Brianna Piazza

Journalist and travel writer.

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