Constabulary given colourful makeover at Warrnambool police station

Published in The Standard, March 14, 2013

WHEN Warrnambool police officers walk past a bright mural at the station, they will be reminded of the artistic talents of south-west youth.

Youth and community members came together to create a brightly-coloured mural on a wall at the station.

The Colour the Constabulary Community Mural — which had a theme of sharing, togetherness and community — was unveiled at Warrnambool police station this week.

Senior Constable John Keats said officers enjoyed admiring the new mural.

“It was a long cement dark grey wall that needed brightening up and I know quite a few police officers really appreciate looking out the window and seeing it there,” Senior Constable Keats said.

Last year, Leading Senior Constable Trudy Morland and Superintendent Tracey Linford came up with the idea to enlist the help of the community to brighten up the wall.

Senior Constable Keats said the mural had helped forge positive links between police and young people and was a symbol of togetherness.

“It engages young people and it brings young people from all walks of life together,” he said.

“Certainly doing it at the police station breaks down barriers and brings people together.”

Community artist Francis Van Der Mark co-ordinated the project.

Brophy Family and Youth Services co-ordinator David Gibb said it was a “great community project” and that the unveiling was a small celebration for those who had contributed.

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