Records are breaking

Published in the Warrandyte Diary, May 2013


ALAN and Janette Murray, the Warrandyte couple running around Australia for charity, have already broken several world records during their year-long challenge.

On April 10 the raw vegans finished their 100th marathon near Hughenden, Queensland, making them the first couple to run 100 consecutive marathons.

They also broke the record of becoming the first female and first male over 65 as well as the first raw vegans to run 100 marathons in 100 days.

Alan and Janette after completing their 100th marathon
Alan and Janette after completing their 100th marathon

The couple runs about 43km each day and since starting their adventure from Melbourne on January 1 have covered more than 5000km.

Currently in the Northern Territory, they are making their way towards Darwin before heading down the Western Australian coast, through South Australia and then to Tasmania.

They expect to be back in Warrandyte in December and hope their campaign will raise money for selected charities and inspire people to make more environmentally conscious decisions.

To stay up to date with Alan and Janette’s progress as they face the tropical north and dry outback, visit their Facebook page ‘Running Raw around Australia 2013’.

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Journalist and travel writer.

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