SBS Series: Stories from Southern Africa’s drought emergency

Published by SBS Australia, January 2020

This is a series of stories covering southern Africa’s drought emergency. The four stories were originally produced for World Vision Australia and published on SBS Australia’s website.

This 13-year-old boy says ‘world leaders should act on climate change’

WATCH: A youth leader at his school, 13-year-old Tatenda only eats one meal a day because of failed harvests. He says world leaders should act on climate change because of the impact of increasingly frequent and severe drought on his community.


This 11-year-old dropped out of school and started working to feed himself

WATCH: Eliseu, 11, stopped going to school because his family can no longer afford it. Now, he sells Quisangua – a drink made from sugar and maize – to people travelling across the border. He must sell 20 bottles a day in order to afford to eat.


This Zimbabwean girl says the world is facing ‘serious’ climate problems

WATCH: Melody, who is 17 and from Zimbabwe, says the drought problems in her country are so fierce that some days there simply is ‘no water’.


Angola suffers through worst drought in 38 years

WATCH: It’s Angola’s worst drought in 38 years, and data shows the average daily temperatures in Angola have increased by two degrees over the past century.

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