High school scores grant for film studio

Published in the Warrandyte Diary, August 2012 issue

Plans to develop a multimedia film studio at Warrandyte High School are well underway fol­lowing new funding.

The school recently received a $50,000 grant towards devel­oping the multimedia film studio.

Teacher Claire Bloom said the studio would expand the school’s digital technologies program and provide students with state-of-the-art facilities.

“Digital technologies give the kids a whole range of ways to express themselves. They can learn through film, audio recordings, podcasting, creat­ing webpages and even blogs,” Ms Bloom said.

All year levels and a range of departments at the school will be able to use the studio ­and its state-of-the-art equipment.

In addition to providing students specialising in digital media with high-tech facili­ties, the studio will enable stu­dents to engage in live confer­ences and communicate with students worldwide.

“It will make it that much easier to communicate with the rest of the world.

“This will just enhance the teaching and learning and it’s more in tune with what the kids are doing these days,” she said.

Mrs Bloom believes educa­tion through media is “the way of the future” and the studio will open up valuable opportunities for students and staff.

Students will also be able to use the studio to conduct video analysis of sport for Physical Education, while those in the Music program can use it to create and record music.

“Through their choice of subjects, students are rein­forcing what a range of expert voices are saying: creativity is an essential skill in the 21st century and that ICT is a crucial tool in that develop­ment,” then principal, Glen­nis Pitches, told parents and students in June.

“Something fundamental is happening in the way that students record and ‘process’ the world,” she said

Construction will begin this year but the school does not yet know when the studio will be ready to use.

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