Well-remembered cop retires

Ross TimmsAfter serving the Warrandyte community for 24 years, Warrandyte’s Senior Constable Ross Timms retired from the police force last month.

Since joining the force at the age of 23, he has worked for the police for more than 32 years.

He told the Diary that he enjoyed his time as Warrandyte’s senior constable because of the interaction with the community.

“I enjoyed working with a number of different people over the years—both officers as well as community members. I was very privileged to work for and with the community to get a better result.”

Before joining the force, Ross was a carpenter and had never imagined that he would have a career with the police.

More than three decades later, Ross has had a highly successful career with the police force and after retiring he is returning to his original trade as a carpenter.

In 2010, both Ross and his Warrandyte colleague, Sergeant Keith Walker, received a regional commendation award, recognising their exceptional service and performance for their role on Black Saturday.

He said during his time with the Warrandyte police he enjoyed working with a variety of different officers who have brought to the station new ideas and different ways of policing in the community.

“I enjoyed working in Warrandyte because it felt like I was working in the country, yet it’s so close to the city,” he said.

“It was a pleasure to work there, and I thoroughly enjoyed serving the Warrandyte community.”

Ross officially retired early last month, and has since taken up a full time job as a carpenter.

Published in the November 2012 edition of the Warrandyte Diary

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