Robyn’s shop stars in ABC film

Published in the Warrandyte Diary, April 2013

Location, location: Robyn Jenes in her Earth Harmony shop.
Location, location: Robyn Jenes in her Earth Harmony shop.

Warrandyte’s unique charm has caught the attention of filmmakers, with Melbourne-based production company Matchbox Pictures commencing filming scenes for a new series in the town last month.

The production company will use a Warrandyte shop to film an upcoming youth drama series The Lost Boys (working title).

Matchbox Pictures is also exploring options for filming beneath the Warrandyte Bridge.

The series is about four teenage boys trying to find their way back home after returning from a school trip and finding themselves in a different world—where they no longer exist.

Matchbox Pictures is also known for its highly successful productions The Slap and Underground: The Julian Assange Story.

Earth Harmony Shop and Wellbeing Centre owner Robyn Jenes said she was thrilled when the production company called to ask about filming some scenes in the shop.

“It’s so exciting because a section of the shop is closing and so doing the filming here is a good note to finish on,” she said.

Robyn has owned her Earth Harmony business for 14 years and has lived in Warrandyte for more than two decades.

Location manager Pia Emery told the Diary she had searched several other suburbs including Ringwood, Greensborough and Donvale before discovering Earth Harmony.

She said she knew Earth Harmony was the perfect venue as soon as she stepped inside the shop.

“The script was so specific – it needed a front room, a back room and it had to be off a lane. It really was a location that needed to be found,” she said.

“Scripts can be changed but locations have to feel right. Location is really important because when a lot of actors arrive at a location they will feel the energy of a place and it will help them understand their character better.”

The series, created by Tony Ayres, is scheduled to air on ABC-TV later this year or early in 2014.

  • Earth Harmony will be closed for filming for a day or two a month over the next few months.

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